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Wandering Hopefully

Last year, I decided to grow and arrange the flowers for my wedding. It was important to me to do my wedding flowers with the women in my family. Some people thought I was crazy! I knew that the flowers would be extra special, and that it would also be the makings of a cherished memory. My mother and grandmother contributed flowers from their gardens as well. I knew that rosemary and ferns from Western Washington were an important tribute to where I grew up. My mom grew the show-stopping dinner plate dahlia in “Café au Lait” that we used as the centerpiece of my bouquet. I grew a whole heap of sunflowers and amaranth that were perfect for the theme of fall hues.

We did bouquets for the bridal party, boutonnières for the groomsmen, corsages for the mothers and sisters, large pieces for the ceremony amphitheater, and many many table arrangements. My grandma Kim made spaghetti and helped me with my bouquet, my stepmom and mother-in-law helped with the bridal party bouquets, my sisters made their own corsages, and my mom proved to be the fastest boutonnière creator known to man. It took many hours of fun and some frustration. I would not have done it any other way.

I think most anyone who knows me, knows that I love flowers and plants in general. My house is full of plants. We garden to some degree every year, and I always bring a bouquet with me to any summer gathering. Byron (my husband) and I are so excited to start farming flowers on a grand scale. We know there will be long hours and certain things will be more successful than others, but we are here to soak it in. We want to make the world more beautiful and pollinator approved! So, join us on our journey.

It all started with a little girl wandering in her grandmother’s garden, the journey continued with a wedding flower arrangement, and here we are at the blossoming of a business. The business being its own path wandering hopefully into a colorful plot of a labor of love.

-Brooke Fenske


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